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Amso Solar specialized in the production of solar cells and solar panels that guaranteed by our 25 years warranty. Our solar panels production lines cover the 5BB and 9BB series, power range widely from 5w to 600w.
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Amso Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a solar panels manufacturer that has been developed over 12 years. We have full experiences in both OEM and ODM services. Over the past years, We have established tight corporations with many brands and tier one manufacturers. We were officially founded in 2017 to bring in our own brand: Amso Solar. Our factory is adjacent to beautiful HongZe Lake, which is in Huaian, JiangSu, China.

Company News

Organic solar cells set a new record, with a conversion efficiency of 18.07%

The latest OPV (Organic Solar Cell) technology jointly created by Mr Liu Feng’s team from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has been updated to 18.2% and the conversion efficiency to 18.07%, setting a new record.        ...

New technology in photovoltaic industry-transparant solar cell

Transparent solar cells are not a new concept, but due to the material problems of the semiconductor layer, this concept has been difficult to translate into practice. However, recently, scientists at Incheon National University in South Korea have developed an efficient and transparent solar cel...

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